How To Use Drift Campaigns [Office Hours]


We’re back with epsiode two of our new weekly video series called Office Hours where we take your questions — and share a little bit of the behind the scenes stuff that we’re doing here at Drift.

This week I’m joined by Matt. Matt’s a product manager here at Drift, or as you might know him “the guy from the videos” and we’re breaking down:

  • How to manage who’s replying to Drift conversations
  • How to use campaigns to start more conversations on your website
  • Our new Salesforce integration
  • Live View

We’d love to answer your questions on the next episode of Office Hours. To submit a question, just send me a message right here on my Drift Profile.

Video Transcription

Matt Bilotti: You must be Dave.

Dave Gerhardt: (Distracted looking at his phone) Hey, this is cool. Somebody is sharing the video. Alright…

Hey, I’m Dave Gerhardt. I’m the director of marketing at Drift, and thanks for joining me and Matt, who I’m going to introduce you to in a second, on another episode of Office Hours.

Matt: I have my beard brush with me just in case.

Dave: Thanks for coming on.

Matt: Thanks for having me.

Dave: I’m sure people that are watching this video know who you are, but what do you do at Drift?

Matt: I am the product manager here at Drift.

Dave: We brought you on today because spoiler alert, we’re going to talk about some new stuff on the product side. It’s in my notes, right here.

Topic #1: How Do I Know Which Conversation To Jump Into?


Dave: I want to start with a question. Multiple people have asked this, but this question is actually from one of our customer success managers, Isabella. The question is, we have all of our sales reps on chat with Drift, but nobody knows who’s talking to who and they’re afraid of hopping in on each other’s conversations. We actually have a way that we solve for this at Drift, so maybe explain to people what to do about this and kind of want we’re thinking about in the future.

Matt: We get this question a lot and we’ve kind of solved it with our own workflow, using this featured called On Call.

What we do is, when we’re in Drift answering conversations, we set ourselves to On Call which means when a new conversation comes in, it gets automatically assigned to whoever’s on call. Then, once you’re On Call, just look at the view of conversations assigned to me. That way, the conversations automatically get routed and you can just look at what gets assigned to you, and you answer conversations right there.

You don’t have to worry about it. And small thing, if someone else happens to jump into the conversation that you’re talking in, you’ll see a little thing at the bottom corner that says, “Andrew is typing,” or “Dave is typing,” so you can see that you’re about to overlap.

Dave: See, this is why we do this. This is an insider tip. I love that. So that’s how we could solve for this today. Super easy to do. You really just set yourself to On Call and then use the inbox that says “Assigned to me.”

Matt: Yep. Super easy. Just pay attention to “assigned to me”.

Dave: Do you think we’ll do something else in the future?

Matt: Oh yeah, this is something that we’re thinking about all the time. As bigger and bigger sales teams start using Drift, this is something that we really want to hear feedback on. We’re working on it, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if we come in with some big features in the future to help with this stuff.

Topic #2: What Is A Campaign In Drift and How Do I Use Them?


Dave: Cool. Another thing I wanted to ask you while we’re here. We get a lot of questions about campaigns. People that might be using MailChimp example, they know what a campaign would be in MailChimp, but, what is a campaign in Drift?

Matt: At a fundamental level, a campaign is a way to set up a message taht will show up in the right place at the right time to the right person. That can happen via in-app, pop-up in the bottom corner of your website, it could takeover the whole screen, it could be sent via email. It’s all these ways that you can configure getting the right message to the right person.

Dave: Yeah, so it’s different than chat. Chat is just something that you always have up on your website and people are always writing in and you’re having conversations. Campaigns is a little bit more targeted if you want to do specific things.

The example that we give is just go to our pricing page, You’ll see Kevin, one of our sales reps, his smiling face and it says, “Hey, let me know if you have any questions about our pricing.” That’s one example of a campaign.

Or for example on the marketing side, we are driving traffic to our site with Google AdWords. One thing you can do is create messages that only show up when somebody lands on your website from the keyword that somebody searched in Google and then clicked on an ad.

Matt: Yeah. It’s a really easy way to set up proactive messaging.

Dave: So here’s the deal. Matt’s email is, or you can go to our website and ask for Matt, and Matt, I know this because he talks to a million customers just like Cara did last week, can help you out with any campaign questions. He’s the guy that I go to if I have a question about campaigns, so take him up on that offer.

Matt: Yeah. I’m your guy. The more questions you ask, the better we know which things we need to work on, or to make more clear in the future.

Topic #3: Salesforce Integration And Live View

OfficeHours2_Product Updates.jpg

Dave: The reason I wanted to have Matt on today is because he works on the product team here at Drift. That must mean we have some product stuff we want to tell people about…?

Matt: I think so.

Dave: Let’s go with the first one. A big one from last week was our Salesforce integration. Why’d we launch that?

Matt: Well, if you’re a company and you’re scaling out your sales team, you know that Salesforce is a go-to. It is often the source of truth where you know that anyone in your company can go look at the Salesforce record and you know that all the data’s there.

Having Drift conversations and Drift leads sent over to Salesforce is absolutely key. We want to enable that in a really seamless way so you can go into Drift, sign in with your Salesforce account, and within 30 seconds you have leads and conversations piping into Salesforce.

Dave: He said the key thing, which is source of truth.

We want Drift to integrate into all the things that your team is already using. By having an integration with Salesforce, now you can see of all the Drift conversations that you had this month, and check out how many new leads did you generate? How much new revenue came from those conversations? Maybe you could even see how quickly deals are closing from chat vs. traditional sources like email or just traditional forms. All you need is your Salesforce credentials to get it set up.

One more thing we want to end this week’s episode of Office Hours with. This is, I’m excited about this one. Are you excited?

Matt: I’m pretty excited. I’m containing my excitement.

Dave: In addition to Salesforce which we just talked about, we also launched something new that we’re calling Live View. This is a thing that a lot of people have been asking for. Even if they didn’t know it existed before, customers are saying, “I wish I could know who is on my website so I could reach out to anyone at any time.” Guess what?

Matt: We’re bringing it for you.

Dave: We got it. Give us a little breakdown. What is Live View? Maybe tell them how our sales team is already using it.

Matt: Yeah, Live View is, as explained in the title, a live view of who’s on your site now. You go to the Live View page and you can see who’s showing up, who’s leaving, and you can start a chat with them right from that page.

You could also filter by what pages you’re on, so if you want to see everyone who’s on your pricing page right now, you can see that. Our sales people are hunting on that page, seeing who’s there, and hitting up leads that they’ve already talked to, and particularly the ones that are close to being closed.

Dave: So if you go to our pricing page right now, you might get a message.

It’s amazing. You can go inside of the app in Drift, click on Live View, and see any page on your website and see who’s there. It’s really easy to go search for specific pages, so maybe there’s a campaign and you’re driving a bunch of traffic to a specific page on your site too.

T-Run is actually walking in right now. What’s your favorite part of Live View?

T-Run: The animations.

Matt: The animations are great! You watch the people live come and go. It’s literally a living page.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. That’s a quick overview on Live View, but Matt’s here and like we said, hit us up with feedback. We want to hear all the things that are on your mind or how you might be using Live View.

Matt: How would someone get access to Live View?

Dave: I’m glad you asked. This is something that I was thinking we should mention.

Live View is available on our team plan here at Drift, and you can get access to it by going to

It’s easy. We’ll give you a free 14-day trial. You can go in, play around. You’ll also get access to the Salesforce integration and a bunch of other stuff that we have in that plan, so head to that site. If you already have a drift account or if you’re already a Drift customer, just write into us on chat and say, “Hey, saw the video. I want to get access to Live View and Salesforce integration,” and we’ll hook you up.

Matt, it was great having you here. And I want you to know that the progression of our video is directly correlated with the growth of your beard.

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And we’re out.

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