Live Chat is Great — But It Doesn’t Scale: Here’s How to Use Conversational Marketing to Effortlessly Book More Meetings

Drift team

The other day, I was trying to change a hotel reservation over chat. I typed out my whole story, detailing the dates, reason for wanting to cancel, and even acknowledged their current policy and why I thought this was an extenuating circumstance. 150 words. Boom. I hit send. And then I got this: “Thanks for […]
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Seeking Wisdom: How to Unlock Radical Growth by Creating (and Dominating) a Category

Seeking wisdom

Last week AngelList sent out an email to 4.5 million people. And they had this crazy stat in there about the rise of conversational marketing. (You may have seen it). It said: “The number of new jobs in conversational marketing has grown by 445% in one year.” That’s wild. 🙈 But here’s the thing, it’s […]
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Drift Announces Top Demand Gen Heroes to Watch In 2018

You’ve got a great product and customers that love using it. But you’ve also got big revenue goals and a sales organization that’s hungry for leads. While your marketing team’s responsible for generating overall awareness in the marketplace, it’s a demand gen professional’s job to turn that awareness into predictable pipeline that will ultimately grow your business. So […]
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The Secret Lives of Product Marketers And Why The Good Ones Have the Power to Transform Your Brand

Product marketing is one of those areas of the marketing profession that’s shrouded in mystery. Is it sales enablement? Marketing? Part of product? No one knows. But they should. That’s because — when done right — product marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. It has the power to help […]
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The Drift Lead Response Report: Why Every Minute Matters For Sales Teams In 2018

This year, B2B digital ad buyers–mostly marketers–will spend $4.6 billion to tell the world about their products. They’ll use all the typical marketing channels and tactics to spread the word — display, content syndication, SEM, social, re-marketing, email, and more. The ad copy will be different, of course. The calls to action? Optimized for maximum […]
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How Smart Routing Will Radically Improve Your Conversational Marketing

There’s an enormous shift happening within sales and marketing organizations, and you probably don’t even realize it: The tools you use every day are becoming more connected to one another and capable of the kind of intelligent exchange of information that’ll make your life as a marketer way easier. Over the last 5 years, we’ve been […]
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