Seeking Wisdom: The B2B Echo Chamber Effect And How You Can Escape It By Putting Your Customers First

Seeking wisdom

Every B2B company wants to grow. So we do what we think will help us get there: read posts about growth hacks and new experiments on LinkedIn and influencer blogs. Go to webinars, conferences, and follow the B2B stars we admire on LinkedIn and Twitter — hoping that someday we’ll discover the silver bullet that’ll […]
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The Mad Scientist Is Back! Here Are 4 Inbound Automation Secrets That Will Make You Rethink Your Growth Strategy in 2018

A few weeks back, we gave Drift’s VP of Growth, Guillaume Cabane (a.k.a. “G”), a marker and a whiteboard and asked him to drop some knowledge on us. Specifically, we wanted to know: What should growth marketers be focused on in 2018? And what secrets can you share for giving teams an edge? Ultimately, G’s […]
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