What Is Conversational Marketing? Definition, Best Practices & Strategy

what is conversational marketing

Conversational Marketing Definition Conversational marketing or conversation marketing is a one-to-one approach to marketing that companies use to shorten their sales cycle, learn about their customers, and create a more human buying experience. Unlike traditional marketing, conversational marketing uses targeted, real-time messaging and intelligent chatbots instead of lead capture forms — that way leads never […]
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Your B2B Sales Process Has A Major Efficiency Problem — Here’s How Real-Time Sales Can Fix It

Drift sales team in action

It’s my second week here at Drift, and I’ve got to be honest: I’ve never seen sales practiced like this before. It’s not just faster, it’s also conversational. We don’t make prospects jump through hoops — and we’re not aggressive. We meet prospects where they are, and when they want to buy. Case in point? […]
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How to Get Mind-Blowing Results From Conversational Marketing (Without All of the Work)

Over the past year, we’ve been talking to thousands of people about the power of using conversations (not forms) to capture and qualify leads. Looking back, one thing has become clear: People get it. Across the board, people are frustrated with the traditional approach and the traditional buying experience, and more and more of them […]
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How We Scale Lead Generation Through Blogging

Most of today’s best practices around lead generation inevitably end up focusing on the same thing: Optimizing your lead capture forms, as well as the calls-to-action (CTAs) that point to them. For a lot of marketing teams, generating leads via the company blog means sending blog visitors to a landing page where they can download […]
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The Growth Marketer’s Guide to Getting Started With Conversational Marketing

Look, we totally get it: Adopting a new marketing strategy — and learning how to use the new tools and tactics that come with it — is no easy feat. So if you work at one of the thousands of companies now turning to conversational marketing, an approach that replaces lead capture forms and follow-ups […]
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State of Conversational Marketing 2017 [Free Report]

The way people research and buy products has fundamentally shifted. These days, people prefer having conversations over filling out lead capture forms (81% don’t fill out the form when they encounter gated content). And 66% prefer real-time messaging for talking to businesses over any other communication channel. To help you better understand what this new marketing and sales […]
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