Product Marketing and Product Management: What’s The Difference? [Infographic]


Product Marketing and Product Management.

Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t responsible for the same things — but you aren’t alone if you work at a software company and have ever wondered about the difference between the two roles.

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Here’s the quick version:

If a product manager is responsible for helping to create and define a new product, a product marketer’s job is to bring it to market and put it on the shelf.

But there is a reason the roles often get confused.

Despite their different responsibilities, product marketers and product managers have three big things in common:

  1. The customer is always at the center of their universe.
  2. The great ones are invaluable because they can work effectively across the entire organization (product, marketing, sales)
  3. There is no one-size fits all description of either of their roles — and thus the subject of great debate.

We decided to use our friends Jess and Matt to break down the differences between product marketers and product managers in this infographic (there’s a link below if you’d like to post to your site).


Here’s a link if you’d like to post this infographic on your site.

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