Why 15Five Switched From Intercom To Drift

MailChimp, HubSpot, Unbounce, Citrix, and Drift.

That’s just a short list of the companies that rely on 15Five every week to share feedback between teams and their managers.

Based on a simple playbook that Patagonia has used since the 1980s to keep teams engaged and informed, 15Five works like this:

  • Team members take 15 minutes to answer questions and share feedback.
  • Managers spend five minutes to read and comment on their responses.

And in order to help keep their customers engaged and informed, 15Five had been relying on Intercom for years.

But as the number of 15Five customers continued to grow, so did the number of support tickets and customer questions, and that left them with two options:

  1. Turn to the traditional playbook: hire more support reps.
  2. Explore new technologies that could help them scale customer communication.

And that’s when Shane, 15Five’s Co-Founder & VP of Customer Success, met up with Elias, Drift’s Co-Founder & CTO, and asked him for an update on Drift:

“Elias had used our tool while running engineering at HubSpot and then brought us over to Drift. One day he was in town and I was showing him some of our new features and I asked him to show me what he’d been up with Drift. The rest is history.”

How 15Five Uses Drift To Power Customer Communication

Today, Drift powers customer communication for 15Five, and the biggest reason for making a change was Drift’s bot, which made it easy for 15Five to answer customer questions at scale without having to hire more support reps.

Instead of a person on the 15Five team always having to be available to hop in and reply to questions, the bot can answer for them:

And all it took was connecting Drift to their Help Scout knowledge base:

So now, whenever someone has a question for the 15Five team, the bot will first check the knowledge base to see if there’s an answer, and then provide the customer with a relevant link.

Think about it: you’ve already spent time writing help docs and FAQs. Why should you have to spend all of your time digging through those answers to share with customers?

With Drift, the bot can handle those questions for you — and that means that you can spend your time on the questions and customer issues that actually need your brain power.

But it’s important to say this:

The goal here isn’t for bots to replace the people on the 15Five team.

It’s to give the 15Five team a super power. Or as Meilena Hauslendale from the 15Five customer success team put it:

“I literally feel like we hired another person in support to help me. I can’t stress how this has made me more efficient in my role.”

The result is a customer experience that is truly amazing and in line with 15Five’s core values and commitment to customer success:

“We know that if we can truly delight our customers with a remarkable product and exceptional service, we’ll have delivered value beyond expectations, our customers will be inclined to share 15Five with their colleagues and friends, and we’ll be able to further our mission.”

Next up for 15Five is to use Drift to power their inbound sales funnel too — and they’re already using Drift to route conversations to the right people on their team from the homepage:

Making The Switch From Intercom

Even if this story about 15Five piqued your interest about using bots to help your team provide a better experience for your customers, there’s probably still one question lingering in your mind:

How hard is it to switch from Intercom to Drift?

We get it.

We’re human too.

And commitment — especially to business software — can be a tough challenge to overcome.

But just take Shane’s word for it:

“The switch was remarkably easy. The hardest part was psychological – we had grown very comfortable using Intercom and there was some initial resistance to the idea that we’d be making a switch. Once we got momentum though it was very painless and we didn’t miss a beat in our communications with our customers. The Drift team was beyond amazing at helping us and being patient as we worked through our resistance.”

We’re here to help, anytime (even if we’re sleeping, the bots will have our back when you reach out).

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