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The AI & Machine Learning Glossary for Marketers

Machine learning, deep learning, what does it all mean? Read our easy-to-understand definitions of common artificial intelligence (AI) terms.

The Free Guide To Using Drift

Everything you need to know about using Drift and live chat to generate leads and keep customers happy.

The Power of Branding and How to Harness It for Your Business

Discover how the world's greatest brands make emotional connections with their customers and learn the 4 basic approaches to brand-building.

The Different Types of Chatbots (And What We’re Building at Drift)

Learn about the different types of chatbots and what we're doing with Drift's live chat bot.

Are Your Customers Asking About The Competition? Good. You're On To Something.

Customers will always ask you about how you measure up to the competition. Here's how to handle it in the early days of a startup.